Monday, September 1, 2014

New Beginnings 1:09:2014

ooh hello September! It's the first day of Spring and no better time to start fresh and get back into blogging. I haven't really been been here in almost a year. Things have been hectic with work and personal life. So much can/has happened in just one year Anyways I'm back and hopefully for good lol. Been working on a few projects and can't wait to share. The new blog will be a lot different Compared to the old one. I'm still living in and loving Durban. The fashion industry here is very small I'm grateful I'm getting the experience I need. I try attend as many fashion events as I can and make as many contact as possible. The new blog will be about what I get up too both professionally and personally and whenever I find the time, about my natural hair. Spring has always symbolised new Beginnings and fresh starts can't wait to be a regular blogger again. I'm now on instagram @slish_infashion and still on twitter @slish_infashion Happy 1st day of Spring! til next time..... xoxo